Beautiful Silence of Voices

Beauty born out of grief

tears shed from a somber melody

soft violins with steady progressions

eloquently caressing the tender heart strings

Oh, grief! Oh, human condition reflected so deeply from the wells of music

a heartfelt ache of isolation remedied by steady strings that silence and soothes the soul

An acceptance for loss of words, allows the human heart to be felt rather than explained…

an anxious pause in writing to meditate on things language longs to comprehend and erect a tower of highest pedestals.

One may say Language is an apex of human achievement. But consider when we allow silence to reign for a bit. To let go of in information and words we so quickly spew. These words that cause the downfall of others. Rash, harsh sounding language that knows no bounds. These are the apex of our fall. Lies constructed to hide Truth.

Let’s only open our mouths in awe of life. All of it. Not just life from our own thinking and talking. But life shared with a community of voices longing for the world to be silent for once! So that they can be heard amongst the noise.

Breath in the air from your mouth. Let it dance upon your tongue as you reflect on the life it gives you every day. Now speak from your tongue and give that breath back to others who long for a life-giving “hello”.

Billions of mouths but so little ears. Outnumbered. No wonder there’s no wondering of things beyond our scope.

So let us be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry… But let our speech be unrestrained from goodness while keeping a tight reign over its firey evils. For human anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires


Non- Noise Canceling Headphones




Non-Noise canceling headphones don’t silence the crowd. The clamor around me plays a song of human interaction and conversation. What are they saying? I can hear but can’t comprehend. I cannot care. My non-noise canceling headphones. But then the music stops… I hear them! Yet I don’t choose another song. I listen to them for a second, but then my autoplay picks up a guitar and attempts to drain out the clamor. Honey Glaze, fall in love, something, something. It works. Distraction.

Is this our escape? Noise canceling? This illusion of emotions that is different from reality. The deafening of the clamoring reality. These non-noise canceling headphones keep my bleeding ears clotted with beating drums and melodic riffs. It pulls on my heart strings. But these notes end up flat, so I attempt to tune my tone deaf heart to the beats of the song. But I have no love-theory. I have no experience playing the sex, the drugs, or bitches. I wish I had so I can pluck some strings or sing a key that resembles a shared experience. All i can do is pretend. Pretend to know what it’s like to sing or play in tune.

Enough pretending! I take off my non-noise canceling headphones…. My ears adjust. No more patterns or repetition of words or beats. The voices of fifty people play in the background, but no single voice stands out… I listen for comprehension, I hear kids yelling. I listen for content. I hear rambling…But I remember they play music in the restaurant! A small sense of peace runs through my body. I listen intently through my bleeding ears. Why are people so loud! Wait no… Why is the music so quiet! I listen intently for a guitar, a piano, a voice anything! I hear only a muffled guitar playing an instrumental of a song I can’t quite figure out….

What is the song? I can hear but can’t comprehend. I cannot care. I get anxious. I put my non-noise canceling headphones back on and I’m in the blissful illusion again. Conversation in the background and pretending in my forefront.