Dreams that Shape My Reality

It’s been one hour since I woke up from my dream. I feel good. I feel like the events actually happened in real life and that I was living it until I was gently placed back on my bed after a day of pleasantness. I don’t dream a lot and even when I do, the memories and feelings quickly escape my consciousness as a go on with the day. But this dream is oddly different.

My heart has been filled, not to the top or even to a point of half full, but it’s filled nonetheless. I feel happier in a strange way and all this is from a fantasy concocted by my imagination. My unconscious mind allowed my conscious mind to have a glimpse of its complex and vast highways of information in which I only have an incomplete map of.

As I continue writing, the memories slowly dissipate. I’m starting to forget the detail, the characters, the laughter. My heart still feels the joy, but I know that just like my memories, it will pass by the time I finish writing this. But this is how its always been and should be.

We live in a society that longs for the permanence of the past. We take obsessive pictures to preserve these moments, landmarks, and food so we can relive it in the future. But having and being reminded of past memories is not a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s essential and normal for one to be shaped, molded and encouraged by it. Pictures, videos, stories, and memories of the past can bring hope in a time of despair, joy in a period of sadness, love in a time of hate, and clarity in a time of confusion.

These memories are gifts. It’s priceless to be able to close your eyes and reminisce about  holidays, family gatherings, and happiness. These are an essential part of who we are and should not be taken for granted. Every second of our life is a creation of a new memory, most of which are quickly forgotten. But we are essentially creatures of the past living in the present. Our whole being is a reflection of our past. The people we meet, the foods we eat, the dreams we dream, they all manifest itself to this present person. The past is done, the present is forever ephemeral and our future is an enigma of uncertainty.

I’m truly thankful for my dream, as it has given me a boost in how I feel. But now I have a choice to make. I can go back to bed, dream about it and regress into the past, or I can get up, live in the present with the past accompanying me, and shape my future.



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