Writing hasn’t been very easy for me recently, not because I don’t have anything to write about, rather I have too much. There’re hundreds of thoughts in my head fighting for life to be given to them through the stroke of a pen or a push of a button. For the thoughts that are able to find its way to the consciousness, few of them are able to find a body of words suitable for it to be communicated. For thoughts that do take form, many of them end up as incomplete bodies in the graveyard of the “draft” section, waiting for me to put  a head or a heart on it.

I’m a quite thinker, but an auditory processor. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and reading books. I enjoy sitting in on lectures or listening to people talk about things of substance or meaning. Most of all I enjoy listening to peoples personal stories. I store up all this information which gets put into different compartments in my mind. These compartments are like different documents stored up in  folders on a desktop. If you’ve ever seen my computer desktop it’s a complete mess. There are documents everywhere. I have several half-written thoughts and journals that I’ve abandoned or forgot about. I have college and high school papers scattered across different folders. This is pretty much my brain.

But when I speak, that is when I use the search function on my brain to gather up all these thoughts to be processed. Given the right people and situation, I can talk for hours about almost anything. Unfortunately, once these things are said or processed, they are placed into a random folder in my brain that is mixed with every other though that I have.

For me, writing is me looking for and unpacking all these documents in my mind and trying to interpret it into comprehensible words without a search button. It’s a slow and arduous process since very few of my thoughts are labeled and organized.

This post is mostly for me to process my thoughts and also to finally finish a post that I started. I use these as a catalyst to encourage myself to continue writing regardless of how it’s received by the public. Writing, like almost every skill in life, takes practice to become proficient in it. This post may be an incomplete body of thoughts that’s missing some parts, but I’m okay with that. This will do for now…


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