In-Between Faith and Reason: Part 1- Who Am I?

There is a topic in my heart and mind that compels me to get up out of my bed at 2:00 AM and stay up until 4:00 AM in order to write this post. This topic or should I say topics are faith and reason. This dichotomy in my soul of two seemingly contradictory topics forces me to lose sleep even though I don’t have insomnia because it is in such combat with each other that I will not allow my mind to coax it away with sleep. So to understand why I choose to contemplate and lose sleep over this, you must first understand the who.

I am first and foremost human. As a human, I am given this biological brain that allows me the ability to think and reason through the complexities of life.  This brain that makes us sentient, self-aware creatures, who are capable of love and compassion, but also vicious atrocities and genocides. This brain that has the capacity to comprehend volumes of literature, but can also be limited periods of vegetation.

Second of all, I am a Philosopher. I don’t say this to put myself high on the ivory tower or claim that I know more that anyone else. This just means that I put in very high esteem the virtues of reason, logic, wisdom, critical thinking and an examined life. I long and seek after truth and understanding underneath the muck of fallacies and lies.

Thirdly, I am a Christian. I believe in the Bible and the validity and soundness of its contents. I believe in Jesus and his death and resurrection and I also believe in faith.

These three aspects consume my world and dictate what I do and say and pray to. I am all three, but neither one should take precedent over the other because they are illiterate of the contents of the other two when apart from them. Only when they are together can I intelligibly  communicate.

In times of war, they unceasingly battle with each other for superiority, leaving a trail of suffering behind. In times of peace, they are able to collaborate, compromise, and agree with each other which attributes to my understanding. War and peace are not mutually exclusive to each other. Rather they are woven and intertwined in a torn yet beautiful tapestry which I call life.

The glue that holds this tapestry together and allows the synthesis and cooperation of conflicting ideas is the admittance of my ignorance of each independent thread. I admit my ignorance since I am only human and not God, a philosopher but limited in wisdom, and a believer in faith, yet still a doubter.

No wiser is a man who “knows nothing” like Jon Snow

Or a philosopher who claims to know only one thing: that he know nothing, like Socrates

Or a believer who admits that we are nothing in the midst of the infinity of God.

This blog series is intended for me to express these thoughts that I have to the public so that they can examine my arguments and agree, but most importantly disagree with them, so I can refine where I’m wrong and reinforce where I’m right. Moreover, its hope is that you can also glean from what I have to say, and for myself, what you have to say to me. Hopefully my next post will be less flowery and more content driven… my mind tends to wander at 4:00 AM


One thought on “In-Between Faith and Reason: Part 1- Who Am I?

  1. pauladkin August 1, 2016 / 11:35 am

    I recommend you read Leszek Kolakowski’s “If God doesn’t exist …” for an in depth analysis of your problem.

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