Consider this.

Voices in our heads tell us to give in to the world

It tells us to use this format,

To think this way and do this and that

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in truth, morals and values.

Yet our longing for absolutes for things that deserves to be weighed,

With utmost patience and understanding, is overriding our need for

Our God given reason, heart and more.


Does not your heart mourn for the homeless, the refugees?

Does it not fall into despair for ones without love?

And ones that are restricted to love?

Kids learn to “walk two moons in someone’s shoes”

Yet adults cannot bear to see themselves lose

Because they feel mocked

To be in someone’s moccasins

To walk

To talk

As if others were shocked

That their choices in life

Is not a wife

But a man


So I say to those who

Don’t understand why people do

Certain things that go beyond what they know

To be moral and not a hoe


To consider the following

That we are not to follow

Our pride

Of being right

In the sight

Of others around us

But rather

To give ourselves as living sacrifices

Instead of giving into our vices

We pay the prices

For others who can not

Because of the one who came and sought

The very ones who are lost


Yes, we are to fight for what’s moral,

And what is true

It is not as they say “what is true for you

Is not true for me”

No, we must stay firm in our beliefs

And the commandments given on these sheets


In James chapter 2 verse one three (13)

You and me

Are to do deeds

In humility

Not in  jealousy

So people can see

That the acts are for He

Who lives in glory

So let us sow in peace

So that we can reap

The fruit of righteousness which we so dearly need

In our complete and utter depravity


One thought on “Consider this.

  1. Alice July 21, 2016 / 5:34 am

    I understand that it is hard to spend time in a depressing environment :/

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